How efficient is the 7-minute workout?

How efficient is the 7-minute workout? by @TimErnstFitness

Answer by Tim Ernst:

7–8 minute workouts can be VERY effective and POWERFUL for fat loss. Here’s one that will make your muscles BURN with Lactic Acid!

Short but intense 8 minute body weight circuits are great when you do not have a lot of time for the gym.

One thing that they do is increase ‘lactic acid

Lactic acid is a VERY powerful chemical released in the body that actually boosts testosterone and growth hormone.

The world's best athletes stay competitive by interval training. Intense exercise generates big lactate loads, and the body adapts by building up mitochondria to clear lactic acid quickly. If you use it up, it doesn't accumulate.

Lactic acid is a white milky substance that creeps into your muscles during intense exercise.

Here’s how lactic acid works in the body…

Special cells called “Leydig” use lactic acid to suck up cholesterol and convert it into testosterone.

In turn this lowers your free cholesterol count and releases human growth hormone which in turn raids your fat cells for emergency fuel to strip away fat from trouble spot areas like your belly.

When lactate triggers in your muscles… You will feel that intense “burn” and the more lactic acid you coax from your muscles… the more powerful the benefits.

And Get This…

Without lactic acid… your body refuses to do any of the exciting things such as producing more testosterone, growth hormone and energy.

Here is an intense 8 minute workout that will do ALL the things described above!

How efficient is the 7-minute workout?


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