Which laptop do programmers use?

Which laptop do programmers use? by Daniel Turan

Answer by Daniel Turan:

I had to choose between Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 (both Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM):

The larger has dedicated GPU which I personally don’t need, so I have chosen the Surface Pro 4.

Here is how my desk at the office curently looks like:

I need to get rid of few cables, but important is, that I need to disconnect only single cable from Surface and I can go. Slightly better than my colleague’s laptop, isn’t it? 🙂

When it comes to performance it’s amazing – Visual Studio starts almost instantly, I have no problems running few instances of Visual Studio with really large solutions concurrently with Photoshop and all major browsers open. However, the active cooler is a price for the performance. It’s little bit noisier when CPU usage is 50% or higher for longer time. If this was a problem then Surface Book would a better choice.

I really do blame Apple for ignoring touch and pen on their laptops and desktops. Among others I develop UIs – either websites or mobile apps. Those UIs must be touch friendly and I need touch screen and pen on my development machine. I really don’t want to carry MacBook, iPad Pro and iPhone and possibly another Android smartphone with me and switch cables every time I need to debug another device. Not even sure if it is possible.

Once you get used to touchscreen everywhere you become adicted. I guarantee you that.

As a complementary input methods it touch&pen useful everywhere.
You can imagine how annoying is to drag&drop those workitems on virtual scrum board using trackpad?

How much easier is it using touchscreen?

How much easier is to draw something everytime you open MS Paint or OneNote when you can use pen instead of mouse?

Costs (at amazon.com):
Surface Pro 4 i7 256GB, 16GB RAM: $1619
Type Cover: $104 – this should really be included, unfortunately it isn’t. But this keyboard is surprisingly amazing. Trackpad is as good at the one on MacBook.
Surface Dock: $109

alternatively, You can get bundled Surface Pro 4 i5 256GB, 8GB RAM + Type Cover for $999.

Which laptop do programmers use?


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