What is Quincy Larson’s next big project?

What is Quincy Larson's next big project? by @ossia

Answer by Quincy Larson:

If all goes well, there won’t be a next big project.

Free Code Camp is ambitious. We’ve built a reliable way for anyone, anywhere, to learn to code well enough to get their first developer job. And they can do this for free, at their own convenience.

There are already 20 million professional developers on Earth. The demand for developers is growing much faster than all the universities and vocational programs combined can train them.

This lack of skilled developers presents a world-wide bottleneck. It holds back innovation. It holds back economic growth.

Our open source community is doing its best to help. In our first 2 years, more than 5,000 of our community members got their first developer jobs. And we’re just getting started.

Linus Torvalds has been working on Linux for 25 years.

Jeff Bezos has been working on Amazon for 22 years.

Bill Gates worked on Microsoft for 25 years, and he’s still on their board of directors.

Now, I’m not suggesting that I’m on the same level as those geniuses.

Rather, I’m suggesting that Free Code Camp is a similarly ambitious organization.

It will take decades of hard work before everyone is proficient with coding. Our community has its work cut out for it. And I want to be here to help out the best I can.

There’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

What is Quincy Larson's next big project?


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