How do I wake up early?

How do I wake up early? by Lat Nayar

Answer by Lat Nayar:

It took me years to wake up early.

I tried all sorts of tips, tricks and hacks.

Adjusting the alarm clock, placing it further from me so I need to get up to switch it off, keeping coffee by my bedside etc etc.

None of them worked.

So, I turned to the basics :-

A. I needed to be rested well in order to wake up early.

B. I needed to be disciplined so I could wake up early.

C. I needed to be balanced to sustain the practice of waking up early.

To start the process of (A), I ensured I slept early.

When I went to bed at midnight, it was ridiculous to think that I could wake up at 5 am and feel good about it.

So, I started to go to bed at 9 pm.

But like the chicken-and-egg question, which comes first? Wake up early first or sleep early first?

Well, I tried to sleep early first.

The first night I tried it, I could not sleep till midnight.

Naturally then, I struggled to wake up at 5am.

That's when I called upon (B). The discipline.

I gritted my teeth and told myself "It's just for today. Tomorrow I will feel better".

I got up at 5am.

I went through my day as best I could. Exhausted by 9 pm, I slid gratefully into bed.

The next morning, it was easier to wake up at 5am. Still needed a little bit of discipline, though. It was delicious to stay in bed. Still, I got up.

It was tempting with my full night's rest to indulge in TV shows and stints on social media till midnight.

Here's where balance (C) came into the picture.

I switched off my laptop and phone by 8pm.

I did some reading. Then some meditation.

I eased into bedtime.

It became much easier to maintain my 9pm bedtime and 5am wakeup.

Over time, I added more "balancing" activities – exercise, healthy food etc.

I slept much better with all these changes.

And woke up energised and refreshed.

It all began with the basics!

How do I wake up early?


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