Why some people still use Windows laptop when they can afford a MacBook?

Why some people still use Windows laptop when they can afford a MacBook? by @wisnuops

Answer by Wisnu Subekti:

Thank you Aisyah for asking the question. Perhaps before I answer the question, I need to explain the context so people don't blame her for asking such "tiring" question. 🙂

Background story: I bought MacBook Pro a few months ago (using company's money). I used it for about 3 months. That was my first time experience with Mac. I never had it before, so those 3 months was worth it to understand why lots of people love it. However, after 3 months trying to adapt, I decided that MacBook is not for me. I gave it to my co-worker, and now I am using Windows Surface instead. Aisyah was curious about my decision. I told her that I am going to write it on Quora if somebody ask it, hence the question.

So, why did I decide not to use the MacBook? One of the reason is because I can be categorized as "Windows Acute User". I have been using Windows for 20 years. To get the most of Windows to increase my productivity, I've learnt a lot of ways to not using the mouse while working with my Computer. So, I don't have to switch often between keyboard mode and mouse mode.

When I use MacBook, I know that I have to learn a lot with the Mac Keyboard, so I tried. I tried to adapt with this keyboard:

I then quickly realized that lots of my favorite keys on my usual keyboard are missing:

  1. Home
  2. End
  3. PgDn
  4. PgUp
  5. Menu key
  6. PrtScn
  7. Win key
  8. Del (forward delete)

Not a big deal, I thought. I could find the shortcut equivalent for those keys.

  • Home is CMD+left
  • End is CMD+right

Not a big deal.

But that's not all I do with Home and End. When writing in Windows, I also used CTRL+right/CTRL+left to jump on words, and CTRL+home/CTRL+end to jump to the top/end of the document.

  • CTRL+right is ALT+right
  • CTRL+left is ALT+left
  • CTRL+home is CMD+up
  • CTRL+end is CMD+down

Easy. It's just a matter of time to get used to it.

Now, what about PgDn and PgUp?

  • PgDn is Fn+Down
  • PgUp is Fn+Up

That's not so easy to remember because Fn seems to be a bit weird for shortcut. Nevermind, I will get used to it.

Okay… so what about some combination that I used to do with my usual keyboard? For example, Shift+Home/Shift+End to select a line, and Shift+PgDn/Shift+PgUp to select multiple lines/cells?

  • Shift+Home is Shift+CMD+left
  • Shift+End is Shift+CMD+right
  • Shift+PgUp is Shift+Fn+Up
  • Shift+PgDn is Shift+Fn+Down

I started to feel a bit messy with those 3 keys. And then I learned that 3 keys shortcuts like this is common to compensate those 8 keys that missing in Mac Keyboard. What can be done in 1-2 keys in Windows, have to be done with 2-3 keys in Mac. That's a lot to memorize.


I love ALT key in Windows and it's not replaceable by any key in Mac Keyboard. With ALT key, you don't have to memorize everything. If you forget the shortcut, you can simply use the ALT. By pressing ALT, you are moving your cursor to the top menu, and you can use letters to navigate. For example, if I want to perform "save as", I can use "ALT+F+A".

In Mac, I cannot do this. Well, there is CTRL+F2. Memorizing itself is already "painful" (keep googling it until it become automatic, only after a month). And then, I cannot use letters to navigate. I have to use arrows, which is significantly slower. Using mouse is even faster than CTRL+F2 and arrows.

Menu Key

Another way to not memorize is by using menu key. If you don't know where the menu key is, here's the picture:

Menu key is as useful as right click, but you don't have to use a mouse for it. Cool, isn't it? I use menu keys a lot when I am working with Microsoft Excel. For example, when I want to perform "Paste Special", I just press the Menu Key, and then press "s". Also I use it when I misspell something while writing in English. I could simply go to the word, press the menu key, and find the the suggestion words. The only way to do that in Mac is to go to the mouse or touchpad, and then CTRL+click, lame.


After several days working with MacBook, I then realize that Mac is not designed to a keyboard maniac like me. Instead, they want me to use touchpad more often. Mission control, zoom in, zoom out, etc. Well, I tried to adapt with that too. But I failed. I think using touchpad is hurting my productivity. I prefer keyboard. For example, mission control (for switching windows). Mission control looks cool in the demo, but actually it's not an efficient way to navigate between the windows. I prefer using CTRL+Tab for that.

Wait, there is an equivalent of CTRL+Tab in Mac. It is CMD+Tab. It works the same, right? Well, no.

If you have three windows opened, let's say, A B C. CTRL+Tab will give you this:

A –> B –> C –> A –> etc

But CMD+Tab will give you this:

A –> B –> A –> B –> etc

No way you will land on C, unless you are using touchpad or mouse. Sucks.

(Edit: some comments suggesting this is wrong so yes, you can land on C with keyboard. I just tried it with my friend’s Mac and it’s apparently true. Sorry for that mistake. I was relying on my keyboard shortcut notes when writing this answer, because I don’t have the Mac with me anymore. Thanks for pointing this out by the way, and yes, I meant ALT+Tab, not CTRL+Tab. :p)

3 months

As I said before, I used MacBook for 3 months. Those three months are the months when I swear the most. 🙂 But I never regretted it, because now I can understand why some people love Mac. The retina display is cool. Navigation using the touchpad is actually cool too, but not for me.

I have some other "complaints" about MacBook (they don't have a notepad equivalent [no, TextEdit is still too complex], problems with backward compatibility, MacBook is light but the charger is not, can’t create new file on Finder, weird cut-and-paste, etc), but I guess I have already written the major complaints: Mac is not for a keyboard maniac. So, if you are a keyboard maniac like me, or planning to be one, don't use Mac or MacBook.

Why some people still use Windows laptop when they can afford a MacBook?


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